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Keeping your property clean can be a lot of work—you have to dust, clean the carpet, wash windows, and so much more. At Greater Columbus Cleaning, we offer a wide variety of commercial cleaning services in Columbus and the surrounding area. If you are an office owner, it’s important to regularly clean your workspace. This helps prevent the spread of illnesses and bugs from team to team. Having a clean office also acts as a good first impression on potential employees and clients.

Our commercial cleanings services in Columbus also serve retail stores looking to excite and sway future shoppers. Instead of taking precious time during the day to clean, our team keeps your store in tip-top shape. Further, our commercial cleaning services are ideal for apartments and other commercial properties. We can help you keep your tenants happy. Contact us for more information today!

What we offer

Pricing Plans

GCC offers professional service for any sized client need. We can design an affordable custom package with only the services your business needs. Please note, the frequency, square footage and traffic of your business can affect the cost of services. Please contact us for an exact estimate of service costs.

Basic Clean

  • 1 Cleaning Session Per Week
  • Less Than 3,000 Square Feet
  • Less Than 10 Employees

Premium Clean

  • 2-3 Cleaning Sessions Per Week
  • Less Than 10,000 Square Feet
  • Less Than 30 Employees

Enterprise Clean

  • 5 Cleaning Sessions Per Week
  • Greater Than 10,000 Square Feet
  • Less Than 30 Employees
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When it comes to running your business, the partners you hire reflect directly on you. Regardless of your type of business, GCC is the right office cleaning company for the job.