Tips for Cleaning a Home Office

Home Office

A home office doesn’t clean itself, no matter how much people hope. What helps to keep a space clean and tidy is to get some tips that give an idea of where to start. Sometimes a home office feels like a slice of heaven but it is also still part of the home, which means it is prone to being less tidy than it might be out in public. Try taking these steps to help stem the flow of clutter and keep it a space that is enjoyable to work in.


Clutter-Free Working

Even if it feels like the desk is clutter-free, it can help to get everything off the desk and try putting it back together again. Think of it like a Tetris puzzle. Every piece needs to go together but only in the right way so that it all makes sense. Even though some people like neat and tidy while others thrive on a bit of mess, a little controlled chaos goes a long way to sparking creativity. Don’t worry about it being neat as a pinhead tidy. Be intentional about what goes back on the desk so that it doesn’t get overloaded again. 


Spot Clean

Look for any part of the office that seems like it doesn’t get cleaned as it should. Do a regular wipe down but don’t forget to swipe the mouse, keyboard, and surfaces under and around the workspace. It might seem like this is obvious but these spaces often get overlooked. Pick up any extraneous papers and move them to the proper spot every few days or so to keep piles from building up.


Check Paper Piles

Nothing tanks productivity like piles of paper. Paper clutter has a way of accumulating. Don’t let it get the best of the workspace and derail efforts to stay on top of it. People often put off decisions about each piece when they encounter it. To keep paper clutter under control, sort it regularly. Think about tossing anything when it first comes in the mail that does not belong in the house. This goes into recycling. If it contains personal information, shred it. Important documents need a home. Find or buy some containers to file organizing papers away for safekeeping. Many documents may be accessed online so try to move to paperless where possible. Put all payable bills and notices in a file up front where they are seen and deal with them promptly so that pile does not keep growing.


Get an Organizer

There are many organizers in the stores that help keep clutter to a minimum. Think about grabbing one or two next time at the store and begin filing away papers to keep it free of clutter. A professional organizer, on the other hand, helps keep things clean and organized by setting up a system that works for your space. Cleaning services can come in to keep it neat and tidy, as well. Keep this in mind if work (and life) seem too busy to keep up with all the mess.

Greater Columbus Cleaning offers services to keep spaces clean and neat at an affordable rate. If you are in need of a professional cleaning service that will get your space cleaned up, give us a call. We will give you a quote to help you get started.