Try These Pro Tips to Clean Up Carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Getting a carpet clean once it is dirty is difficult, but not impossible. There are some tips for keeping the carpet looking fresh without expensive maintenance. The last thing people want to spend money on is something that does not make their carpet looking new. There are ways to keep a carpet looking its best without hiring pros, but sometimes calling in pros can be helpful, too. Try these pro tips to clean up any carpet and make it look new. 


Watch for Dirt

Dirt can really cut into the carpet fibers and make it look worn and trodden after awhile. Deep particles can build up over time. When dirt scratches the fibers, it is less shiny and pristine. Grinding dirt can make carpet retain stains more easily. Get out the vacuum more frequently and cover those high-traffic areas at least twice a week. Get the rest of the carpeting weekly. Start with a clean filter to make it more effective. Bagless vacuums need new filters every three months. Vacuum bags should be replaced when three-quarters full. 


Pretreating Tips

Some of the best ways to keep the carpet clean are to invest in keeping it nice upfront. Don’t let the carpet get really dirty before it gets cleaned. Clean carpet when it starts dulling. A carpet with heavy foot traffic from kids and pets will need more cleaning than normal carpet but should still last a while if taken care of. If using a shampooing machine, vacuum beforehand to get particles out. Going over it may just cement it into the carpet. Make sure it is dry before using it again. Don’t forget to pretreat stains and high-traffic spots. Mix some detergent with hot water and mist over areas. Let it sit up to 10 minutes before cleaning it up. 


Catch Stains Right Away

Spot clean stains and spills without pushing it further into the carpet. Solids can be picked up with a spoon or knife to scrape food out of the spill. Use a towel or paper towel to pick up any debris and keep it out of the carpet. Blot stains that get into the carpet from liquids and spot treat with carpet stain removers before using heavy shampooing machinery. Stains can affect the longevity of the carpet. Don’t let them set into the carpet before treating and working to remove them. Work hard before it gets stained to keep it looking and feeling its best.


Contact Quality Pros

People who clean carpets for a living can get down into the dirt and muck to clean the carpet better than doing it by hand. Most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction for synthetic carpets. Pros may charge a hefty fee, but it is worth getting carpet looking like new again. This also helps remove allergens, dusty, and other residues that are stuck in the carpet. Think about doing this every 12-18 months, at the very least, to keep carpet looking nice. 


Greater Columbus helps you make the decision to hire pros an easy one. We pay close attention to detail, customize a cleaning plan and schedule for you and deliver the best quality cleaning service in Columbus. Call us to find out how we can serve your cleaning needs.