How Often Windows Should Be Cleaned

How Often Windows Should Be Cleaned

Window cleaning might not be high on the priority list for busy companies but it is one of those things that can quickly get out of hand and embarrassing if left unchecked. Office window cleaning is usually a seasonal chore, done with a change of seasons to get things fresh for spring and ready to close up for winter. But for offices and storefronts that have consumer-facing windows and glass panes, keeping them spotless is immensely important. Think about these tips experts recommend to help keep windows looking nice for a professional first impression on clients and customers.


Office Window Cleaning Tips 



Window washing frequency depends on the office location and the type of business you run. A rural area with lots of dust and dirt may increase the need to clean windows, which will catch a lot of that debris in the air. Urban window cleaning depends on what floor you’re on and how often the windows are exposed to car exhaust from traffic and other contaminants. If your windows are a means for customers to look inside your store, it’s important to clean them daily! If it’s not something consumer-facing, but just the windows to your office, a monthly cleaning will suffice.


Window Washing Tips

If there are vaulted ceilings or really high windows, it may be best to hire some professional cleaners to come in rather than risk an employee getting hurt. Leave this to the pros. Most of the time we advocate for a simple bucket of water and dish soap, however in industrial environments it can be useful to add a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the water for a deeper clean of grime and tough dirt. We always advocate the use of a squeegee to get excess water off of the glass, and clean up with a lint free cloth to avoid leaving spots. 


Go Pro for Regular Cleaning

Professional cleaning is a real savior for busy business owners and managers, who just don’t have the time to give the office or workspace a good wipe-down every day. Especially in this age of Covid19 precautions, there is nothing quite like hiring a professional cleaning crew to do a superior job, and pros are better suited to get those nooks and crannies that are hard to do. 


Some of the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning crew include: 

  • Less hassle in getting and stocking the right supplies
  • Saving time and energy
  • Getting a professional quality cleaning done in less time 


It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to dealing with cleaning choices in a professional work environment. This option can work for many different environments. Do research before deciding what company to use and check their reputation for efficiency beforehand. 


When hiring professionals, it is important to find a way of getting the right service with the right team for the job. Doing some research ahead of time helps but also asking around for recommendations of quality professionals in the area works, too. Some things can be done yourself, but often it is best left to the pros to get that squeaky clean look you desire. 


Don’t get caught in the rain. 

If your windows need washing or carpet needs cleaning, turn to the professionals. Greater Columbus Cleaning is here to help you find the best solutions for all your professional cleaning needs. 

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