Get More Organized and Reduce Clutter

Get More Organized and Reduce Clutter

Reducing clutter is difficult for us and our homes. It seems the clutter piles up and things get out of hand rather quickly. To get organized seems like the biggest of tasks but it is not so hard when people think about all that has to get done in smaller, bite-sized pieces. To get more organized, it takes goal-setting with a plan in place. Here are some tips to get more organized and to reduce clutter. 


Stop Gap

Putting a stop to something before it starts is easier than letting it into the house to begin with. Clutter and hoarding keeps a space from truly feeling like home. Once it comes in, it is harder to get out. Don’t impulse buy, grab free unnecessary stuff, or stock up on ‘good deals’ for things that are not necessities. Watch for clutter building up and make mental notes of what to keep and what to get rid of.


Mail and Paper

One of the hardest things to stem the tide of overflow on is papers. This includes kid’s paperwork, bills, and mailers. To prevent papers from piling up, deal with it right away. Toss it into recycling before it enters the house. Set up a system that works and master control of it before it masters you.


Donate on the Regular

Every month, maybe every quarter, evaluate life. Look around in the closets, through clothes, and to all the belongings in the home. Decide if they serve a purpose. If they are useful, hold onto them. If not, donate. Trash anything that is old and not worth fixing or there is no time to do so. Be reminded by donating, that does not mean add more to the pile. Keep it simple to avoid things piling up again. 


Keep a Clutter Zone

A clutter zone is a space that occupies the home and has significance because that is the only place allowed to collect clutter and junk. Don’t allow it to overflow into other spaces. When it overflows, it’s time to go. Make a decision that only things which belong there will go there. Only the things that are clutter, like paper, will spend time in that zone and will be gone in a week or less. 


Decorate Sparingly

The hardest thing to do is read magazines and see all the neat things to buy for decor and decide on what belongs. Treat the home like a space that should feel good. It should breathe life into the family and anyone who enters. If it doesn’t feel like love was put into the space, it may not feel like a place people want to hang out in (including you). Put some forethought into what will make the home feel nice and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit.


Don’t Waste Time

Decluttering is about getting rid of things and moving things out of the home that don’t belong there. It also means not bringing it back into the home. Either keep and store it or get rid of it. Organize storage spaces and keep them free of clutter but don’t try to create too many bins for too much stuff. Only keep what is needed and chuck the rest.


Decluttering can be a big hassle. Organizing, moving, storing, and shifting things also kicks up lots of dirt and dust. Greater Columbus Cleaning helps you tackle those spaces that need extra attention and help, along with general maintenance cleaning. Call us to find out how we can help you clean up your space today.