Interesting Cleaning Myths to Know

cleaning myths

Anyone who has grandparents or even great-grandparents in their lives may experience some of their ‘old remedies’ that worked well for them. These tips and tricks may have worked well in the past, but they still remain a strange, albeit useful, way to get things clean. Take a moment to learn some of the top cleaning myths that still hang around and find out whether or not they really do work as well as they say they will. 


Hairspray for Stain Removal

Back in the 80s when it seemed everyone was using hairspray, there remained a myth that it could remove ink stains from clothes and other fabrics. Unfortunately, this myth persisted. Nowadays, hair spray does not have a high alcohol content, if much alcohol at all. Low-alcohol content hair sprays don’t work well. It is probably best not to be spraying hairspray on stains when there are other alternatives on the market. 


Newspaper Cleaners

Believe it or not, some people believe old newspaper is the way to go when it comes to cleaning windows. Spray some solution and wipe it down with an old newspaper. This may work, at first, until people realize it leaves behind newsprint and residue. Glass cleaners and a soft cloth or paper towel work just fine, although paper towels can leave some residue behind, as well.  


Use More Solution or Soap

Depending on the stain or place needs to be cleaned, some people think they can take care of it with a little more soap or cleaner. This misconception was spread by manufacturers to help them sell their products. Too much detergent, soap, or cleaner actually leaves a film behind. This just makes a person use more product for less result. Don’t buy into the myth more soap means more clean. Work with less first and add more if needed later.


Bleach is Best

This persistent myth has continued to be out there even though it has been debunked. Bleach is good for some things but not all cleaning requires bleach. Bleach can remove fabric colors and tear the little fibers in clothing over time. Fading of fabric can happen over time, too, with bleach. The best solution is sometimes just soap and water to help get something cleaned up. 


Perpetual myths can be amusing but also somewhat harmful. Spraying bleach onto colored fabric can result in unwanted issues that may or may not be fixable. Don’t get caught out by using things that don’t work to make those whites brighter or take stains out of fabrics. Try some tried and true ways to keep fabric and carpet clean for best results or just call professionals to help if you get stuck. 


Professional cleaners can come and help you dispel those myths and get your space clean again. If you are needing help with properties and commercial spaces, our crew at Greater Columbus Cleaning is your best bet in the Columbus area for taking care of all your professional cleaning needs. Call us today at 614-300-7827 for a quote.