How to Get a Coffee Pot Clean as a Whistle in No Time

Coffee Pot

Not many people love to clean their coffee pots. In fact, many people have instant coffee in pods now and forget that even those need cleaning and maintenance to keep them free of residue. When that morning cup o’ joe is shouting out for help, it may be a warning things are not all right in the coffee pot. If the taste of that coffee seems off or things don’t seem to be percolating as they should, try some simple steps to get it clean as a whistle.


Clean Like a Pro

If only coffee machines cleaned themselves, that would save a lot of trouble. Until they do, coffee-loving humans have to put in some elbow grease to get it done. A clean pot is not necessarily one that is descaled. That means rinsing it with water, getting out debris, and getting that buildup out of there. Knowing what kind of water is used helps. Hard versus soft water makes a difference in the type of buildup that gunks up the pot. Limescale buildup is caused by hard water and has a higher mineral content than soft water. This can clog the machine and cause it to affect the taste of the coffee. Start with looking at any residue. The chalky white substance on the pot says it is time to descale it. 


Vinegar Cleanse

If there is some yucky residue in a pot, it is going to mess up that coffee taste and maybe even detract from the warranty on the coffee maker. Don’t let scale and build upkeep that coffee maker from being effective. Try some helpful tips to cleanse it and keep it nice. Start with an empty pot and rinse it out thoroughly. Get rid of grounds in the machine that is still in there and dump them in the garbage. Fill half with vinegar and half with warm water to start. Set the pot on the ‘brew cycle’ and let it run for a little while. Turn it off, then let the rinse sit for a bit. This might take longer depending on how long it has been. Finish the cycle and then clean it again with just water this time. This gets rid of any taste of vinegar remaining in the pot. Watch out for commercial descalers unless they are for use with home brewing systems. Make sure they are appropriate for your pot. 


Keep it Clean

Cleaning regularly helps the lifespan of the coffee pot and keeps every coffee-lover in the house happy. Make it a priority and mark it on the calendar. Have others in the house help who drink coffee to take turns on cleaning the maker to keep it nice for everyone else to enjoy. A clean pot is going to brew clean, fresh coffee so don’t skip this necessary part of keeping the kitchen clean and the home smelling like freshly brewed coffee. 


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